Friday, February 26, 2010

the shindig

we celebrated the anniversary of max's birth last weekend with our really good friends, the bryants and the roylances. (we missed you darby's!! we missed you v's!!) we hung out and ate hot dogs and"mater cake" and watched the kids play.
and play.
and play.
it was a great day.
when john paul lit the candles, max slowly backed up and said, "uh oh. fire."

hey, niki, do you wanna hear a gross/hilarious story?

if the answer is "no", then read no further. so you already know about riley's strange relationship with poop. well, the other day she went potty and when i went in to make sure she washed her hands she pointed to the toilet. (it looked like a dozen green+brown snakes in there. ewwww.) riley said, "look. a family reunion." what a weird-o!! hilarious and adorable. but still, a weirdo-o.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

you say it's your birthday

the little man turned 2! on the day of his birthday we had a little family party complete with cupcakes and presents from the brothers and sisters, the grandparents and other lovies that sent him gifts. he loved the mini cars and carries them everywhere. he got books that we read over and over. (i love it that jakob can read to him now.) and all the monkeys played with the wonder pets playhouse. it was "soopuh fun". for your reading pleasure, here are a few things you may or may not know about our sweetest little maxwell:

  • he loves like no other. we call it the "crocodile roll", where he hugs around the neck and pulls back and forth and rolls around and around. he has another love we like to call "the can opener". he hugs tight around the neck then sneaks his pointy little shoulder under your chin and pulls up. hard. it almost hurts.
  • he is a great communicator and has constant...adorable...pauses...between random...words.
  • he is obsessed with cars and trucks and puts them in different categories. anything loud or big is a "tuk". anything sporty or fast is a "dun dun". fire trucks, police cars and ambulances are "we-eww we-eww"s. everything else is a "tar".
  • he has very specific taste in music. he needs a good drum beat or bass line so he can shake his money maker. headbanging, leg kicking (when sitting in the car seat) and shoulder shimmies are some of his best moves.
  • he recently started biting. once on riley's back. once on jakob's cheek. (poor little things.) when he realized he was in trouble after the riley fiasco, he quickly covered his face with his hands and whispered "noooo". after the incident with jakob (they were in tub) he held his breath and stuck his face in the water when i came in. (if i wasn't so bugged about the biting, it might have been very endearing.)

we can't help but adore our little maxwell rees. he is showing signs of "two-ness" (the screaming, the biting, the taking just because he can) so we may have to occasionally draw strength from his first two perfect years to get through the next one. bring on the naughty chair. ("what am i supposed to do? he's too cute. you tell him he's in trouble." -this is what jp said to me after max pushed riley, but "showed remorse.")

i don't know if you noticed, but max's fingernails are purple. just thought i'd draw attention to how adorable that is.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

a happy valentines day indeed

dear good husband of mine,

thank you so much for my valentine's bike. i love it. really. i hope you like your new jacket. (although i don't know how much longer you'll be able to wear it in the great state of texas.) and thanks for making such a beautiful dinner. and for using the real dishes. and for cleaning the kitchen afterwards. you really are my favorite. what do you say we put the monkeys to bed early tonight and celebrate this silly holiday like a couple that's really in love should? (watching simpsons and eating pita chips and humus.) this is the good life. much too good to waste.

i love you. really.

Monday, February 1, 2010

"unco dano" is here to stay

and we couldn't be happier.