Friday, March 27, 2009

what's in a name

john paul and i are the givers of nicknames. mostly with little or no creativity. before we knew our college-boy-next-door neighbors' real names (and even after) we referred to them solely as "tank top" and "shirtless". we also have "crazy lady","afro","bff's" and "loud girl". i lovingly call john paul "jape" from a before-married dream i had starring trever keith (lead singer of face to face). and he, in turn, calls me "miles" (a leftover from the mission). our children are not to be left out. they have multiple. when we are referring to jakob and max (not talking to them) jakob is "the boy" and max is "the little man". but the names we actually call them are "snake" or "gravy" for jakob, and max is "snackwell" or "mitty"or "maxwell house". occasionally just "house" if we are feeling particularly lazy. riley is affectionately known as anything aviary: "birdie", "baby bird" or "the bird". and zoe's might be too long and impossible to spell, but i will attempt it here. any form of "zuh zuh"(which means "precious one" in navajo) that comes out of our mouths. "zuhzy", "zuh zuh boo" or just plain"boo" and john paul's favorite "zoe lane-a-riforous". it comes naturally. growing up, my dad was the nickname-er. no one can tell me how or why, but i was simply "motsy". i hardly ever hear that name anymore. (it's only my dad, my mom or my brother, wes.) but when i do, i immediately feel a bond. i feel known. i feel my past. and i love it. what are the nicknames in your life?

big brother little sister

blue blankie and pink blankie became capes this afternoon. the wearers were appropriately named "pinky" and "bluey". notice the boy so stalwart and dedicated. and birdie watching his every unflinching move. mimicking him. imitating him. loving him. wanting to be just like him. couldn't help but think of my own big brother. love you, wes.

3 reasons why riley can't watch scooby doo anymore

  1. she called the glowing coals in the bottom of the grill "ghost eggs".

  2. when she saw the mannequins at old navy she told john paul, "daddy, those people were turned to stone!"

  3. as she was falling asleep, she asked me if the ghost in her window had "scawy eyes wike dis".

Saturday, March 14, 2009

the boy can read

mrs. matthews, jakob's teacher, said he is one of her best readers. (although he sometimes lacks the confidence.) but my boy is a reader! he can sound out words. he has his sight words memorized. and can even spell. (one of my favorites is "popsicle". "P-O-X-icle".) we are so impressed.

a special thanks to...

jamie v, aka "misi's mom", for finding riley's beloved blue blankie. she found it in the nursery (even though we had looked in there a dozen times) and riley was ecstatic, but a little hesitant. because a couple of weeks ago, i had my mom send blue blankie's twin (she just happened to have an extra one) and when riley saw the imposter, she was thrilled...until she touched it. then, she let us have it. "dat is not de boo bankie i'm be wooking fo." "mine boo bankie is boo wike dis chair, not wike dat." and then, repeatedly over the following weeks, "mom, dat is not mine boo bankie." so when she was face to face with the real deal, she understandably had reservations. but then she touched it, and squeezed her little eyes shut and hugged it the whole way home. "it found me!" that night as she was going to sleep, she said,"i wuv misi mom." so, THANK YOU, JAMIE!! you've saved us.

Monday, March 9, 2009

bonne belle cappuccino

this is my favorite lip gloss. but they don't sell it here. so everytime i find it, i stock up.
riley always finds my stash and takes it upon herself to make her lips "boodifoo".
it might be intended for kids, though, because it smells and tastes delicious.
so i can't really blame her.
but the second she puts it down, the little man swipes it.
and runs away as fast as his little monkey feet can carry him.
always checking over his shoulder to make sure she is not on his tail.
such fun afternoons at our house.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

8...8...i forgot what 8 was for

zoe is 8! she celebrated with some of her favorite little girlies from school. they ate pizza and decorated their own cakes and played and giggled and laughed their little heads off. so in honor of her 8th birthday, here are 8 things we LOVE about our zoe lane.

  1. she talks in her sleep. usually just a word or two. "beep" "tap dance" "never mind". she doesn't believe me.

  2. she loves all things school related. reading. math. writing. when she was in preschool she used to ask me to make up assignments and give her due dates and grade her work.

  3. she is the first born. (just like my husband, my mom, my mother in law, my sister, my sister in law...)

  4. she is always right. (or so she thinks.)

  5. she is a great eater. i mean, she'll try anything and she likes everything. almost. (she LOVES strawberries, but isn't a big fan of meat or seafood.)

  6. she is not a complainer. for that, i am extremely grateful.

  7. she is great about saving her money. she can often be found with 20-30 bucks crammed ever so nicely in her little heart wallet.

  8. she is an animal lover. cats, especially, but also dogs, bunnies, gerbils, birds. since she was 3 she has answered the age old question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" with "a vet."
when people ask me what my favorite age is, i can't answer. zoe has made every single year so fun. so happy. so lovable. i am lucky to be her mom.