Thursday, April 16, 2009

mad libs

did you ever do mad libs as a kid? where the story is written and you fill in the blanks (with a little guidance)? noun. verb. adjective. john paul and i did this one and it had us rolling in the aisles. (and questioning if adverbs only end in "ly".):

episode 23: BEAR and the BELLICOSE BEES.
scene: interior of sunny's BLOOD RED apartment. chip knocks on door.
sunny: WHAT?! i wasn't expecting anyone! i hope it's chip with a HORSE or a TOOTH.
chip: (enters room) hi, sunny! hope you're feeling SIMPLE. i THOUGHT all the way here! did you know pepper is SWIMMING in the SLED this afternoon at the NEW YORK?
sunny: really? we should pack some GRANDE PICKLES and rush over to SMILE with him. that will be really LOUSY! i'll bring the CHAIR. that's pepper's fave!
chip: cool. i'll call hal on my new TACO and have him LICK us.
sunny: yay! i love when we all LISTEN together and EAT for a silly cause!
chip: okay, sunny. i'll LEAVE you outside, and we can go in my RECORD.
end of scene.

now that i read it back, it may only be funny to us. maybe it was really late. or the hilarious voices he was doing. or both. in any case, there you go, jape. it's blogged for our posterity.