Tuesday, October 27, 2009

her party

4 days after jakob turned 7, birdie turned 4. we let her be in charge of every aspect of her party. she's 4, now. she's pretty responsible. so riley chose the decorations:

  • purple streamers
    pink and purple balloons
  • purple tablecloth, purple plates, purple cups
  • purple flowers

she chose her cake and helped decorate it:

  • barbie cake with a purple dress.
  • purple flowers on the bottom.
  • sugar "happy birthday" letters

she chose the agenda:

  • decorate bags (to hold pinata candy).
  • run around and laugh and scream
  • whack the pinata (a pink and purple unicorn we got for $2 at goodwill).
  • get upset that your sparkly little unicorn friend has been hung in a tree and beaten with sticks and is now on the ground being torn apart.
  • make candy necklaces and bracelets.
  • giggle giggle giggle.
  • open presents. riley's friends (or their mommies) must know her really well. she got a disney princess cd player, fancy dress up shoes, make up, and tons of jewelry.
  • dress up.
  • put brand new make up on anyone who will sit still.
  • dance to princess music.
  • eat purple barbie cake.
  • scream with delight when we see that even the inside of the cake is purple.
  • stick sugar letters on cheeks.
  • beg to do it all again tomorrow.