Friday, January 1, 2010

merry christmas to all

we were so happy to have nona and grandpa howard here for christmas. after snow and ice kept delaying their flight, we finally got to see them christmas day. we went to the audie murphy museum (texas is pretty proud that he's from hunt county), we went to the movies and saw alvin and the chipmunks: the squeakuel, and ate at a restaurant with unlimited ice cream. but i must say, one of my favorite things was watching nona make pies with my girlies. i loved watching her hands guide theirs, i loved their joy and her patience. i loved that i have these same memories as a little girl. flour covered hands, loving the squish of the dough. and then covering the left-over crust in cinnamon sugar. i might like that more than the actual pie. but i think i'm the only one. all the better. more for me.