Sunday, May 9, 2010

here's that chair i was telling you about

the one that i saw at target and thought, "oh. that's cute." but it was $159.99. so i was prepared to never think about it again. but then, jakob's backpack was destroyed (and i had already missed the exit for walmart and wasn't about to turn around) so we made a desperate turn into the last parking lot. which happened to be the greenville goodwill (and i love thrift stores). but not this one. this one i had been warned about. it was dirty and scary and "you do not want to go in there." so i didn't. until now. because jakob would be asking if i got him a new backpack and i didn't want to tell him i forgot. again. because he was "already tired of using a walmart bag." (twice.) so i ran in. and there it was. the chair. the exact chair. it was even in it's protective wrapping!! unscathed and perfect. i searched for a price tag. $40. ok. $40. but no. it was marked out. $12!! "excuse me. does this say $12?! i'll take it." so i ran out to the car all excited. the hubby asked through the open passenger window, "did you find jakob a bag?" "oh!! right!! a bag!! no. but i got a chair! i need you to carry it out to the car!" jakob is using my old north face purse. he need not ever know it was ever a purse.