Wednesday, August 18, 2010

girl's rock

riley has never appreciated our "gender neutral" approach to posessions. she refused to wear zoe's (then jakob's, now max's) blue and red coat because it was not "pink or puwple or spawkly". She doesn't love her "boy shoes" even though i tried to explain to her that white converse are NOT "boy shoes". when i buckled her into the red booster for the drive home from north carolina, she asked if we could paint it. hmm. probably not. as we started through those winding, curving roads, riley started to complain about her tummy. poor little riley grace-face gets car sick. (but only in north carolina.) her cries were getting worse, but there wasn't a place to pull over. not even a shoulder. so as zoe (not so) lovingly told her to "be quiet. you're fine." riley puked all over the backseat of the car. including her hand me down car seat. (riley kept crying, "you know my tummy doesn't do well in cars!!) luckily there was a target nearby. because i'm not ashamed to admit that i left that throw up covered car seat on the side of the road somewhere just over the tennessee border. (i'm not the best at handling vomit/vomit associated things.) we spotted a car seat on clearance and grabbed it. knowing full well that riley would be so excited because it was pink!!

(these were taken when we were well into the flat lands of texas. hence, the smile.)