Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the tooth fairy

this pretty little girlie lost a tooth!! we were eating dinner and she kept telling me something was stuck in her teeth. so we brushed them. then flossed them. then brushed them again. then i wiggled it. it hadn't occured to me that my littlest girl was big enough to have a loose tooth. but apparently she is! she "took it out" all by herself. then went outside to show her friends on the playground and lost it in the tires. she wasn't really upset. she just wanted to make sure that tooth fairy was going to bring her some cash anyway. so she wrote her a little note.
"dear tooth fairy, i lost my tooth in the tires. but i would still like some money. riley." "riley, thanks for the note and the beautiful picture! T. Fairy."
she got 2 bucks. a couple of days later she lost another tooth. and got 2 more bucks. she wiggles random teeth, now, in hopes of getting rich.