Monday, October 10, 2011

jakob's 9!!

the boy turned 9! what is happening? since this is an odd birthday, we had a family party. we had star wars pancakes for breakfast. we had lunch with nona and grandpa at cafe rio. (bless that boy. this pregnant lady couldn't have gone another day without a pork barbacoa salad.) and then he wanted to go to an arcade. there was a huge ball pit/gerbil tunnel thing, a dress up room, mini golf, and a bunch of video games. what 9 year old boy wouldn't love that? so, are you ready for 9 things we love about our jakob gray? ready or not, here they come:

1. this boy likes food. and makes funny comments like, "it smells like heaven in here." and "my taste buds could not be happier."

2. he is a great helper. he loves to have jobs around the house and at school.

3. he loves babies. good thing, too.

4. he makes great forts. riley and max love his cushion house/blanket forts.

5. he's an unintentional hottie. there are always multiple girls vying for his attention. he doesn't seem to notice. yet.

6. he can memorize anything.

7. he doesn't discriminate. he'll play with anyone, any age, boy or girl. doesn't matter.

8. he's a smartie. most things just click for him.

9. he took on some older boys in the neighborhood who were being mean to the little ones. and even though he stood his ground, he got teary when he told me about what happened. sweet sensitive thing.