Friday, December 5, 2008

a thanksgiving in pictures (none of which i took)

this has been one of our favorite thanksgivings yet! and here's why:
we went here: because these guys ROCK! and let all 17 of us invade.
we ate something that resembled this: and all of the other warm thanksgiving-y goodness that you're supposed to eat.
we played this:with these guys:
and these guys, too: the final score said we tied, but bobby debated that. he may have been right. how could we tell, after all, since katherine kept leaning on the dry erase board that tallied our final score and it ended up all over her forearms. 78..79..freckle. good thing i'm the least competitive person ever, or there could have been a good old fashioned brawl.
and these guys: took all of us:here:
plus they watched the remaining 9 kids so we could go with these guys: to see this movie:and it was OH SO FUN!! plus they had one of these:in the bathrooms. and even though i didn't have to "go" i HAD to try it out. so i washed my hands about 3 times. and it totally lived up to all my expectations.
it snowed our last morning in kansas,so the monkeys filled up on snowball fights with the cousins and froze their little noses off for a little while so they could take some of it back to texas. (if only in their minds.)


**somehow i escaped thanksgiving with no pictures of my own, so i stole these from google images, my ghetto scanner, her and her, who just so happen to be my diggety-dope sisters in law.

and, at risk of going way too cliche, here are some things i'm especially thankful for this year:
  • my husband who knows his way around a stove, ironing board and washing machine. (thanks, paula.) we're still working on the dishwasher.

  • my babies' health, happiness and their "i-just-can't-help-but-squish-you" adorable-ness.

  • texas a&m's late acceptance date.

  • my family, who i would want as my friends even if we weren't related.

  • my faith that gives me a deeper understanding.

  • and last but not least, the absolutely AWESOME friends we have fallen in love with in texas. (you can meet some of these little lovelies here, here, here, and here.)