Monday, November 24, 2008

pretty much

riley was hugging and snuggling with us on the couch last night (or was it the night before) and out of the blue she said, "i pitty." and it reminded me of another little girl i know. when zoe was about 18 months, john paul was always telling her how pretty she was, but in an effort to express that beauty wasn't the only desirable quality, he also added that she was smart and nice and sweet and fun and happy she would walk around informing all, "i pitty. i smawt." and we loved it. i quickly realized that i also want this precious little girl to know that looks aren't everything. so as riley had me in a headlock (which was meant to be affectionate) i told her, "and you're smart" to which she replied, "but i pitty." "and you're nice," i coaxed. riley's response,"i pitty, too." "but you are also sweet." "but i mo' pitty den sweet." so i gave up. "yes, you are very pretty, are funny." "mm hmm. i pitty funny."
so true.