Saturday, November 1, 2008

trick or treat, smell my feet

halloween just sort of came and went this year. usually it's weeks, even months, of planning costumes and decorating and buying candy, and then having to buy more candy because we ate all of the candy. but this year it snuck up on us. all spoooky and eeerie like. and since, for halloween, all anyone wants is they are, in no particular order:

max was a beastie boy."no sleep til brooklyn!" or nap time. whichever comes first.

jakob was a star wars character (for 2 years running). he was annakin skywalker this year, who eventually becomes the evil darth vader. jakob assured us he will never join the dark side.

zoe was the happiest little 50's girl you ever did see. (she comes complete with her own poses.)

and since riley can never be bothered with is one of her sitting still long enough to get the mud off of her shoes.

these are our fav halloween cookies. the witch's fingers even have a pretzel in the center. nothing like the crunching of bones while you're eating a fat little phalange. and the halloween decorations were converted into littlest pet shop hotels. nothing spooky about that. unless the hotels were haunted and the only music in the elevators was boyz II men. right, john paul? right? heeheehee

***witch fingers***


2 1/2 lbs. powdered sugar (that's one bag)

2 cups peanut butter

1 lb. softened butter

1 tsp. vanilla extract

You'll also need:

almond slivers

bag o' small pretzels

strawberry jam

mix all ingredients together until it's sugar cookie dough-like. mold into finger shape (stick a pretzel in center for delicious bone crunch.) dip one end in red jam (for lovely look of blood) and press a slivered almond on other end (for the fingernail). use a toothpick to make the lines on fingers. chow down.