Sunday, November 1, 2009


our zoe lane was nancy drew this year. (don't let the cheer leading pose fool you.) the only thing we bought for halloween was the skirt, that we got on clearance for a measly 5 bucks. everything else we had. yes, even the insanely crazy socks.

every single one of my babies has worn this green monster costume for halloween. max wouldn't wear it trick or treating, so i had to snap some quick clicks of the camera while he was trying it on. i realize now that i shouldn't have attempted that at nap time. it was itchy and a bit snug. he was equally upset when the hood was on or off. and the vampire teeth sucker that was meant to distract him just made him sticky, so his mean mom wouldn't let him near her camera. and that just ticked him right off.

riley grace was several different princesses for our many different halloween functions. the cinderella costume proved to be the least itchy, allowing me to get these very hurried pictures of her. sweet little girlie.

jakob was anakin skywalker again this year. he was in the middle of conquering "lego battles" on nintendo ds and couldn't be bothered with photos. he suggested i post a link to the pictures of him last year. i found that to be very inventive of him. so you can see jakob HERE.