Thursday, September 9, 2010

the bus

i picked riley up after her first day of preschool. i couldn't wait to find out all about it. of course she loved it. she loved her teacher. she loved the toys. she loved her classmates. she didn't love lunch. (what?! they serve lunch? you only go until 11!) there's a play kitchen and a sand box and paints and a boy that is in love with her. (excuse me?) she knows because he looks at her like this: then she doubled herself over, let her arms dangle in front of her, stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth and made a sound kind of like "duh..." yep. that's a boy in love, all right. the only thing she didn't love was that i came to pick her up. (whell! i never!) she wanted to ride the bus. (oh! of course.) so we signed her up that day and now she's a bus rider! and that sweetest little face running to me melts my heart.