Tuesday, November 2, 2010


zoe was a pajama girl this year. she was adorable, but one picture was enough for her thankyouverymuch. (gotta love this girl for spending nada on her costumes.)

although max loved his firefighter costume, he just wanted his picture taken with "scawy gween teef". so i obliged. maxwell could not get over "trunk or treat". everytime he got a piece of candy he ran back to show me. "mom! mom!! look!! that guy gave me a piece of candy too!!"

this was the first year that jakob was not a star wars character. so he let me take a picture or two of him in the cute little deadly ninja costume.

sweet little riley grace-face was ariel. and she. is. in. love. sometimes she sleeps in this costume, but has yet to ask to wear it to church. thank goodness.

you're going to have to excuse the immodesty of that last shot. but that kind of thing doesn't "embawass" little miss thang.