Tuesday, August 30, 2011

boy names

remember how i changed maxwell's name on the birth certificate? (without telling the daddy!) we had called him "benjamin" the entire time i was pregnant and then i just went and changed it to a name i had only mentioned once in passing! what is wrong with me? but he is a maxwell. no doubt. but this little guy, we have no clue what his name is. we like classic names (that have been around forever) but that are still cool. or cool in a nerdy way. there are names we love, but just won't work, for whatever reason. like luke: i adore the name luke. but "luke sloop" will never work. just say that out loud and you'll understand. sam: in college, i was in love with a boy named sam. enough said. oliver: ring ring. "hello?" "is oliver there?" "oliver who?" "oliver clothes off." every time we talk about naming this littlest one "oliver", that naughty joke runs through my head. and i just. can't. do it. so, for now, we are just calling him "the baby". something will sound right. or it won't and i'll just end up changing it to whatever i want at the last second.