Tuesday, August 30, 2011

first day of school!! first day of school!! (via my phone)

zoe lane started 5th grade!! (that's middle school in these parts! what?! i know. right?) but it's just 5th and 6th together in one school, so really it's like a sr. elementary school. she is making some great friends in her class. it is fun to see her happy and comfortable.
jakob started 3rd grade. but he didn't want me to walk him in. (excuse me?) i am happy that he feels confident on how this school works. and that he knows some of the kids in his class. and that his teacher adores him.
sweet little riley grace face is in afternoon kindergarten. she is super excited about school. it helps that half our neighborhood is in her class. no joke.
maxwell rees started preschool at the university.  he goes tuesday and thursday mornings and is (usually) so excited about it.  (riley went with us for orientation and now informs us over and over that "at max's school, they don't learn anything.  they just play.")