Friday, September 26, 2008

the cockroach

the monkeys have been passing around some horrible fever disease the past couple of weeks. some of them also included puking, just to spice things up. poor little riley grace has really only been sick once before, so she didn't know what the heck was going on. she would be her sweet little adorable laughing self, then crying her little guts out, then crash on the couch. during one of these episodes she started throwing up. like any normal parent, my first instinct was to scoop up the poor little thing and hold her over the toilet so she could be sick with some dignity. but then i remembered the disgusting texas cockroach hanging out in the bathroom. i don't usually mind bugs, but this little fellow was huge, causing me to postpone my shower and now debate if i could bare to be in the same room with him. john paul's pleas of "Do something!" brought me back from my mental battle. but i no longer had to figure out where to take my poor little baby. she was finished throwing up. on the couch, the rug and the hardwood floor. so we spent our night washing slipcovers, scrubbing the rug and mopping the floor. but i think it was worth it, just so i didn't have to see little mr. disgusto. sorry, birdie.