Friday, September 26, 2008

houston...we have a crawler

max has been mobile for about a month now. but in a weird sort of tip toe/army crawl kind of way. he has since mastered the hands and knees crawl that most of us are accustomed to. marbles, legos and pennies have all become the enemy. although he likes the adventure of it all, he would still rather be held. and he makes that known by a constant complaint with each step...or crawl. ehhhhhhhnnn. (kind of like in dumb and dumber, "hey, do you guys want to hear the most annoying sound ever?") until he finds something new that catches his eye and he tries to find the best way to fit it into his mouth. but since he can't sit up yet, every time he finds something to chew on, he rolls on his side and balances there like a little pin up girl...or boy. it's all very entertaining. but maybe we need to get out more.