Tuesday, June 2, 2009

dr. bobby

last week max and i flew to kansas city (then drove 3 hours east) for my brother's big fat med school graduation. it was so nice to be with my family. (and to have an excuse to get some fancy new shoes.) and while we were there, i learned something about my perfect baby boy. he's not all that perfect. until that week, i had never seen him throw a real fit or have a tantrum or really even fuss that much. but it became clear that it's because he is used to getting everything he could possibly want. he has 3 very compliant older siblings that he merely has to walk up to and they start handing him everything in sight. my sweet little nieces are apparently not used to forking over everything they hold dear, causing max to have some pretty entertaining meltdowns. max got sick the day before we left. there were some desperate prayers as we were about to board the plane. you know those "please, god" prayers where you are suddenly willing to do anything and everything He has ever asked if He would only give you this one little thing. that's pretty much what i was doing. so my prayers were answered and max was perfect on the hour and a half flight. we waited patiently to get off the plane. perfect. we walked down the corridor, turned right to baggage claim. still perfect. he started coughing, so i stepped over to the side, and that's where max threw up everything he had eaten the last 2 days. projectile vomit. it shot all over the wall, but miraculously completely missed the 2 of us. i looked around for someone who worked at the airport. when i finally found one i said something like, "i am so. so. sorry, but behind that tram over there is a huge, disgusting mess. you might want to call someone else." so it was gross. but ok. it wasn't all over him. or me. or the mean old lady that sat in front of us on the flight. it could have been worse. much much worse. congratulations, bobby! i'll be calling for your medical opinion soon, i'm sure.