Sunday, June 7, 2009

the over achiever

the last day of school was the second grade awards ceremony. zoe loaded up on certificates and medals and special honors. she got an AR award, an award for being a good role model, there was something in there about p.e. and maybe math, definately science and social studies, but her favorite was the gold medal for citizenship. (not the bronze or silver, mind you. the gold.) the whole 2nd grade voted on who they felt had the best attitude, got the best grades, was the most helpful and kind and sincere, etc. i didn't record most of the ceremony, but when i heard the criteria for the citizenship award, i knew i had to get out the old video camera. (that happens to be when riley announced to the world that she had to go poop.) zoe was also chosen to be the refreshment server from her class, which is apparently a huge 2nd grade honor. when i took her picture, she was not beaming with pride. i asked what was wrong. she asked "why didn't i get the perfect attendance award?" "because you were sick twice and that one time i took you out of school to go see a movie. remember? because i'm the coolest mom in the world." "actually, the coolest mom would have let me go to school even when i was sick. that way i would get the perfect attendance award and would have had the most medals in the whole school." okaaaaaay. clearly she takes after her father.