Wednesday, January 21, 2009


so i went to elementary school with this guy, david (and middle school and high school.) and either he found me on facebook, or i found him, it doesn't matter. but he messaged me something like, "my old oak park elementary's it been?" wait. what?! i was someone's crush? your crush? get out of town! you must be joking. and then he proceeded to tell me all of these things that he remembers, but i haven't a clue about. and it was so fun to talk to him. and then, since i found him, i found about a dozen other people that i hadn't thought about in decades but it is so fun to have funny 5th grade memories take over my mind and to hear what they are doing now. and it's made me glad that i was a pretty good kid. that i can reconnect with these people and i don't have to be ashamed or embarrassed. (but that may be because i have a terrible memory.) and i'm happy that i have since led a pretty good life. i don't have to say things like, "since i've been released from prison..." or "rehab has been really good for me." i'm happy that facebook has been a pleasant little experience full of smiles and giggles and "remember when", not avoiding questions and people and "i'm sorry about that time..." it's like a mini high school reunion, but over the net, so i get to say "hi" and hear what everyone is doing with their lives but i don't have to buy a new outfit or lose 10 lbs. if you're not on facebook, i highly recommend it. unless you are currently experimenting with drugs or have otherwise made a silly little mess of your life. in which case, i might suggest post-poning facebook while you get your life together and prepare for endless apologies to people you barely remember.