Wednesday, January 21, 2009

we are all enlisted

blue blankie is missing. and we are not happy about it. we have searched high and low. in baskets. under beds. in drawers. in clean and dirty laundry. under the sink. closets. the backyard. the car. i found $1.13 in change. a few marbles. but no blue blankie. pink blankie was pulled from her lovely little rubbermaid slumber in the garage. and she will do. but she is not blue blankie. i'm surprised at how well the little girl is handling it, though. she only asks for him once, maybe twice throughout the day. and always as she's falling asleep (and first thing in the morning.) but i can see it in her eyes, sometimes, as she's looking at me. like she thinks i have something to do with this, but am too ashamed to admit it. i swear it wasn't me! your daddy was the last one that had it. folded up nicely over his arm as we were leaving church. who knows what happened to it between the hallway and the car. but we will find it. even if i have to make another one myself and wash it 3,000 times until it feels just like the original. so, we need your help. keep your eyes peeled for a blue flannel blanket with orbiting planets on one side and cozy gingham on the other. we are offering a reward of chocolate chip cookies, that may or may not be partially eaten by the time they reach you. (unless it's john paul that finds it, and then his reward will have to be his little girl's complete and total adoration reinstated.)