Saturday, January 10, 2009

this little piggy stayed home

i want my kids to eat healthy. fruits and vegetables...and a lot of them. i don't think that's too much to ask. but maybe i took it for granted when little bitty zoe lane started eating solid foods. she was completely compliant and willing to eat whatever we gave her. she refused nothing. then jakob came along. and it took a lot more persuading to get that boy to eat anything other than apples, bananas and grapes. and vegetables were tricky, but eventually accepted. then little miss riley grace came and changed everything. i could occasionally pry her dainty little mouth open long enough for the strained peas to touch her tongue. but she was never well pleased. by the time she started to toddle, she basically refused to eat anything that wasn't partially homogenized. so her diet consisted of crackers and pasta and cheese. and it hasn't changed much. when i try to sneak veggies in the sauce or fruit in the yogurt, i get a "dis taste cucky." so i was a little nervous how max would be when he was big enough for real food. he's been pretty good about it. but not in love with it. until now. and that boy can eat. and does eat. everything. he is particularly fond of green beans, carrots, apples, peas, bananas and yogurt. and he grunts constantly for mashed potatoes. and will occasionally lick the tray of the high chair to make sure he got everything. i am so happy. i hope this lasts.

**notice the extended pinky. this reminds me of how bobby used to drink water (or maybe still does. i haven't noticed.)