Monday, January 12, 2009

our first visitors

nana and grandad + uncle joseph and aunt lauren came to visit over christmas break and it was perfect. just way too short. they were here 4 days (not counting travel days) and 1 day they were all really sick. so that doesn't count. but somehow in the 3 (real) days we got to spend with them, they crammed it all in. the american girl doll store & bistro, making and decorating sugar cookies, babysitting all the monkeys so we could act like adults and go out with joseph and lauren, pf chang's lettuce wraps (that i think about daily), playing in the backyard, making little ones laugh, going to the children's museum and the coolest park, strengthening the bonds of our family. after they had gone, riley was playing in the living room and heard someone at the front door. "dem guys is here!!! dem guys is here!!!" but it was john paul who walked through the door, and she was less than thrilled. i am so lucky to have such great in laws. we love and miss you guys. and uncle "dofus", there are requests to play trains and soccer at your earliest convenience.