Thursday, January 8, 2009

like my new shoes?

riley does too. they are highly impractical. and pretty much the anti-flip flop, which are comfortable and convenient and can be found on my feet every single day. but every once in a while a girl's gotta have a pair of shoes she can strut in (and by "strut" i mean concentrate and focus with each step so as not to fall) and these little puppies were 90% off at tj maxx. and although i've never been much of a shopper (i can remember sitting in the oldsmobile in the parking lot during my early teens while mom hunted for bargains in richmond gordman's) if i've learned anything from my mother, it's that you should never pay full price. not ever. especially on things that you don't absolutely need. but a part of me does need these. to remind myself i am more than a "mom" wiping noses. and i may have somewhere to go other than the grocery store. and even though i don't have anything to wear with them, for $8 i can wear whatever i want. john paul said, "you haven't gotten a new pair of shoes in 2 years, and this is what you come home with?" i could have a life that involves 4 inch heels with sling backs and peep toes that reveal my freshly painted toe nails. you don't know. the more i think about this, i'm pretty sure i saved the receipt.