Friday, October 17, 2008

accident prone

when jakob was 2 he jumped into the pool without looking, and landed on jp's head. i hadn't even taken off my cover up. i pulled the crying baby out of the water to see blood. lots of blood. coming from the gash on his chinny chin chin. he ended up getting stitches. the very next time we went swimming, I sat the boy on a lounge chair right next to me, with my back unintentionally to him, while i situated towels and toys. a woman walking by me said, "you're accident prone one is upside down." (she had apparently been sitting by us when he jumped on jp's noggin.) jakob had sat his little self off center on the chair and flipped it over backwards. i turned to see him holding on to the plastic ribbons of the pool chair. no look of fear or panic as he dangled. just an expression of "okay. now what?" he often trips over invisible objects, bites his tongue while he is eating or talking, and has been known to run into a wall or door on occasion. so, in secret, we unwittingly refer to him as "the accident prone one". he rarely complains about his injuries, but that may be because he is used to it. the only evidence anything went awry is a bruise or scratch with no recollection how it got there. last night, though, was different. we took the kids to a playground. i heard zoe say,"well, you shouldn't have been there. i told you i was sliding down!" (we've talked about saying 'sorry' instead of blaming the other when they get hurt. "sorry" not "well...".) but with no cries of protest or rebuttals, it didn't appear to demand our immediate attention. jakob came slowly walking over with a wierd expression on his face. zoe bolted in front of him. "jakob's tooth!! jakob's tooth fell out!!!" what?! it wasn't even loose! so they both explained, at the same time, (jakob kind of matter of factly, zoe a little tattletale-ish) that jakob was at the bottom of the slide waiting for zoe to come down and, for whatever reason, had his matchbox car in his mouth. when zoe slid down, now this part was not in full agreement, but we've concluded that some part of her hit somepart of him...yadda yadda yadda...jakob lost another tooth! he kind of tossed it to us, then darted back to the slides.