Friday, October 3, 2008

my name is luca...i live on the second floor

i have had the pleasure of meeting some really cool women here in commerce. they all have kids with similar ages to my own. they are all stay at home mommies. and they are all here for the allotted time for them and/or their husbands to finish school. i feel right at home. so we were all hanging out while our kiddos played and we were talking. sara mentioned someone having a baby and they were going to name him luca. so i started singing that suzanne vega song from the 80's. "my name is luca...i live on the second floor. i live upstairs from you. yes, i think you've seen me before." they all just kind of looked at me. "you guys don't know that song?" maybe it wasn't a huge hit in texas. maybe they preferred a different genre of music. leah started laughing. (she just turned the big 3-0.) and proceeded to explain to me that they don't know that song because they are too young. they were practically babies when that song came out. what? how is that possible? and then i began to understand. here...i am old. almost all of these wonderful women are closer in age to my nieces than they are to me. huh. 30's aren't old. are they? 40's aren't even old. i don't even think my parents are old. but that must be because i am old, they tell me. huh.