Wednesday, October 1, 2008

bois d'arc bash

they call it "the bash". it's a cute little festival with texas barbeque, carnival games and, of course, pony rides. zoe and jakob bounced their little lives away on every blow up structure they had and took their chances on a try-to-throw-this-softball-in-the-strategically-placed-basket game with a carnie who was showing some serious favoritism. but little riley grace only wanted to ride a pony. she's always been adventurous, and these little guys were tied to a bar that forced them to walk in a very small circle. so, what the hey. we plopped her on the back of scout and took some pictures and then off they galloped, or very slowly meandered. riley smiled as she passed in front of us, but i could never quite make out what she was whispering as she trotted by. so i walked up along side of her and put my arm on her back. she kept saying something, but since she didn't sound distressed at all, i responded to her whispers with things like, "yeah! isn't this fun?" and "the horsey is so soft." finally, after some serious concentration and just-so head tilting, i heard her. her tiny voice. "stop horsey!! stop horsey!! it's too bumpiting!!!" so i turned to the kid (he couldn't have been more than 12) running the ride and said, "i need to get her off." he kind of shrugged his shoulders said "ok" and did nothing. so i had to take matters into my own hands. i swung riley around the back of the horses' patoot and carried her off into the sunset. i should have known. she's never really liked animals.