Wednesday, October 1, 2008

toothless wonders

losing teeth is some sort of popularity rite when you're in elementary school. after that, losing teeth becomes much less cool. zoe and jakob both started the first week of school minus some pearly whites. it was fun to see how different they are in the tooth department. zoe's top 2 teeth had been loose for months, literally. when nona and grandpa came to visit in june, we were all making guesses that she would have a visit from the tooth fairy by the time they left. TWO MONTHS LATER they finally fell out. she literally lets gravity pull her teeth out. jakob, however, was pretty much the opposite. this was his first tooth, so we didn't have any idea what to expect. a couple of nights before school started, i was reading to him before bed. thrilled, he told me his tooth was loose. so i wiggled it and was surprised how loose it was, especially on the first wiggling. so i let him get out of bed to show daddy (who was reading to the girls). everyone was super excited. then, THE NEXT DAY, we were in the car on the way to the store. i saw him in the rear view mirror, wiggling his tooth. then, he just popped it out!!! "mom! look!" a tiny little tooth in hand. it could have been a grain of rice, it was so small. so i started screaming. "no way!!!" the girls were thrilled (although i'm sure riley had no idea why.) when we called nona to tell her jakob lost a tooth, she said "you mean zoe?" nope. since we have light sleepers at our house, the tooth fairy hides the money in their room with a trail of glitter. so, apparently little miss fairy forgot to check under his pillow, because jakob was super excited the next morning when he had cash and a tooth in hand.