Sunday, October 5, 2008

don't touch that dial

for our 8 years of married life, we intentionally have had only the bare minimum when it comes to tv channels. our kids had no idea that there were channels dedicated solely to cartoons and hannah montana. so they happily watched pbs and saturday morning cartoons. for the shows they loved, we bought the dvd. so we have our fair share of dora and disney. but in commerce, we couldn't get basic channels. (actually, we were laughed at when we asked. "you mean people still do that?") so we were a little disappointed when we found out we had to get satellite. the first few nights, though, john paul and i took turns staying up way too late watching shows that we really didn't care anything about, and falling asleep on the couch. (we have since come to love the miracle of dvr.) but now the newness has worn off and we have realized that there is still no tv we want to watch. (this excludes the office, 30 rock-on rare occasion, ace of cakes, diners drive ins and dives-if it's not a rerun, and, much to john paul's dismay, jon & kate plus eight.) the kiddos, however, are thrilled that there is always something on that they want to watch. which is usually a rerun of "the suite life" that they've already seen or a "spongebob" that is literally on all day every day. john paul quickly put a time limit on tv watching (that can only begin after homework) that everyone could agree on. riley, however, has been pretty annoyed about the whole situation. she is a dora the explorer lover through and through. she wants all dora all the time. although, sometimes she likes diego (dora's cousin), max and ruby and has recently ventured to ni hoa, kailan (which is really just a chinese dora). but the poor kid simply does not understand commercials. she's never had to deal with them, watching only videos or pbs her whole little life. the first commercial interuption, she through a huge fit insisting that jakob changed the channel. if jakob's not around when the offense of a disappearing dora occurs, max must have done it. it has gotten so annoying, these fits about product advertisement, that i usually just let her watch 1 movie on dvd a day, and then coax her outside with promises of unlimited pushes on the swing, or tricylcle riding to her hearts content. so now we have all these expensive television channels that get watched on rainy days, weekends, and sick days. zoe wishes it rained much more often.