Sunday, October 5, 2008

sonic youth

just for fun, the whole little family went to the park yesterday. and after running and swinging and sliding and laughing we were all parched. for a special treat, we went to the sonic just down the road. and what do you know, it was happy hour. half off drinks. and i could hear a cherry limeade calling my name. so off we went to get our "just food". as we were pulling out of the parking lot, riley started some form of unhappy communication. she had pushed her straw through the bottom of her styrofoam cup and cherry slush was leaking all over her. and that girl does not like to be dirty. (getting dirty is apparantly far different than being dirty.) so john paul quickly pulled over. i put the injured cup in the grass and started stripping the sticky little girl. i was silently working as quickly and efficiently as i could. riley took my silence as anger or frustration or annoyance. she started crying..."you wanna be happy. you wanna be happy." i started to laugh and reassured her that i wasn't upset. that sufficed, so i turned back to my work of red melting ice. i heard her behind me saying, "this is berry yummy." i turned to see her licking the slush off the back of her shorts. bum licker. even the fellow happy hour patrons couldn't contain themselves.