Monday, October 20, 2008

who's a big boy?

max has some fancy new teeth. they were discovered about a month ago. and they are adorable. making his tiny little baby smile a bit more mature. "he looks more like 9 months than 8 months, right momma?" funny little zoe. he is just a perfect baby. i have been told that i think all my babies are perfect. what?! i can't help it. they are. (maybe with the exception of one. but we won't mention any names. and it's not even that he wasn't perfect. just anemic and we didn't know it. poor little jakob. ok. so i mentioned a name.) max didn't really even complain when his little teefers were coming through. he was just waking up a lot. and chewed on everything in sight. he is pulling himself up. and he is always very thrilled about it. if he sees you watching him as he's straining to lift his little baby-fat-body with his scrawny little arms, he cracks up. like he's gonna die laughing. and his little face is going to crack from smiling so big. he's so proud. he even takes a step now and then. a very...precise...slow...motion...step. and he's a thumb sucker. our only one. and i just have to tell you, it. is. adorable.