Monday, October 20, 2008

baby bird turns 3!!!

some things we absolutely adored about 2 year old riley:

  • referring to herself in 3rd person. as in "riley's hungry/funny/not happy."

  • terminology. "bootie butt" "wahwee gace" "heavenly bunny" "team pahty"

  • her ease of potty training. (except for that whole wiping poop on the wall thing. that wasn't cool.)

  • her love of books. that little girl will sit still for as long as anyone is willing to read to her. especially leslie patricelli. "yummy yucky" "big little" "blankie" "no no yes yes" are some of her favs.

  • she's so funny. like that time i found her in the backyard, totally naked, all by her lonesome, covered in mud. before i could say anything, she said, "WOOK at me!!! wook at DIS!!! WHO did dis to me?!!"

  • her sheer joy and excitement for life.

  • her love for her family. she is one of the snuggliest monkeys ever.

  • she is (almost always) willing to do what she's told. although, i just remembered that one time when she wouldn't give up the flashlight. so i threatened the naughty chair. but to my surprise, she not only knew what it was, she was thrilled about it. so she happily climbed into the computer chair while i put the big kids to bed. john paul was on the couch as she started climbing down. he asked, "aren't you supposed to be in the naughty chair?" to which riley explained, "mmm, i'm not mean anymore. i'm dist happy."

  • she easily expresses her appreciation. "ta-hanks, mom" all sincere and nasally (and not always at the most appropriate times. i.e in the bathroom, after she burps, when we tell her it's time to go.)

  • she has her own sense of style. like wearing headbands over her eyes and dress up clothes to the grocery store and tap shoes to bed.

  • the fact that she's a late sleeper. she's our first (and only, so far) that regularly sleeps past 7 am. she usually stumbles out of bed around 9 (disheveled and giggly), but has even been know to sleep past 10. it's a miracle, i tell ya.

  • her funny little tip toe crooked run dance. (that's the best way i can describe it.)

  • her explanations. "something is making me bark on the inside"= hiccups

things we wouldn't mind if they do not accompany her into three-dom:

  • her potty narrations.

  • her ability to stay awake later than me.

  • her neglect of all things fruit and veggie.

  • her never ending state of naked.

come on 3! give us all you've got!! we can take it!!! wish us luck.